The Top Five Twin-Stick Shooters to Scratch That Itchy Trigger Finger

The number of top-down roguelike games is always increasing, but few are held in as high esteem as Nuclear Throne. With simplistic art, solid gunplay, small procedurally-generated levels, no-nonsense weapons, and fun characters, there was little doubt that this title was bound for greatness. 

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Nuclear Throne tells the tale of various mutants on their journey through the hostile wastes as they search or the Nuclear Throne, which is said to be able to bring peace to earth once again. 
Along the way, our heroes must make use of any weapon they find in their path; be they guns, simple tools, or even stores of radiation to accelerate mutation and gain new abilities from it.

Much like Helldivers, ammo is limited here. However, munitions are easily found throughout the wasteland and are not likely to become much of an issue if the player doesn't get too attached to any one weapon they're using. This combined with the smooth flow of the levels gives a more arcade-like feel due to frantic shooting and regular weapon swapping (in lieu of consistent weapon powerups in arcade titles). 

Sweet and simple, Nuclear Throne offers the fast-paced gameplay of the twin-stick genre with the variance and replayability of a roguelike to create a unique experience.

Published Aug. 27th 2016

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