The Top Five Twin-Stick Shooters to Scratch That Itchy Trigger Finger

Here we have a game that needs little introduction.

The tale of a young boy running from the mother who believes God has told her to sacrifice him; The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is top dog in the roguelike genre. From the progressively more satanic imagery to the massive list of items and collectibles, this game leaves little to be desired.

However, despite the gameplay being fluid (although slow at times), the shooting mechanics aren't what keep people coming back (at least not entirely). One of the more attractive aspects of The Binding of Isaac is the sheer amount of fan theory around it.

Is Isaac's mom crazy? Why is Isaac's dad not in their lives anymore? Is what Isaac is seeing real, or is it just how a terrified child sees the world around him? Did he even go into the cellar at all?

It's questions like these that add to the intrigue of the game and drive players to keep coming back to find every secret there is in hopes of uncovering another piece of the truth.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth was a strong competitor for the number one spot on this list, but ultimately a heavy reliance on stats gained from items and modifiers pushed it deep enough into roguelike territory that it loses touch with the twin-stick genre, and that's why the number one spot must go to...

Published Aug. 27th 2016

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