Vega revealed as Street Fighter V's latest character

Capcom announces the return of Vega to Street Fighter V.

Capcom has released an introduction trailer for the newest character returning to Street Fighter V, Vega.

Vega, an original Street Fighter II villain, retains most of his major features. He is still a beautiful, blonde narcissist. With age, however, Vega has decided to put on an extra layer of clothes.

In the gameplay department, Vega still has his iconic claw, and his original wall bounce shenanigans. The trailer does show off a couple of Vega's new abilities. Vega's new techniques include an evade counter, then a new attack in which Vega does follow-up attack after his normal dive attack, and a new technique where he throws a rose at a opponent and does a dive attack to wherever the opponent is.

Street Fighter V is due for release at some point in early 2016. In the meantime, Capcom is going to have multiple beta tests, so hopefully fans can have an early look at the new Vega sometime soon.



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Published Aug. 3rd 2015

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