Does Wild Hearts Have Crossplay?

The highly anticipated Wild Hearts from EA and Koei Tecmo features co-op play to take down Kemono. This begs the question, is Wild Hearts Crossplay? Here's the answer.

Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo's Wild Hearts, is fast approaching it's release on February 16th for PC and 17th for consoles. With multiplayer missions available in this Monster Hunter-like, those interested in teaming up are wondering if Wild Hearts has crossplay?

Does Wild Hearts Have Crossplay? Answered

Those coming from the Monster Hunter series may be surprised, but the answer to whether Wild Hearts has crossplay is yes. Players and up to 2 friends can join each other's hunts even if they are playing on a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X or on PC via Steam. 

With the focus on co-op hunts, Wild Hearts also features a variety of multiplayer options. "Multiplayer with friends" is where you can join your friends online via your campfire. "Targeted Multiplayer Quests" are where you can open up a quest to the global pool of players when you need some help. Then there is the "Hunters Gate Multiplayer System".

Hunters Gates will be located throughout the various regions of Wild Hearts. When activated a list of five quests will show that other players are currently on that you can join. All multiplayer games will pull from all platforms, so there will be a wide pool of players to draw from. 

The Wild Hearts focus on multiplayer is solidified with crossplay support. If you are having trouble with any Kemono in Wild Hearts you can open your game to the global player base regardless of platform. Keep an eye on our growing list of Wild Hearts guides here on GameSkinny.

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Published Feb. 16th 2023

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