5 Games That Come With Bragging Rights


Have I lost you already? If you're thinking to yourself, "really... come on, it's only Terraria," then allow me the chance to get back in your good graces. This cunning little devil may act all cute and innocent, but beneath the surface, Terraria is secretly plotting new and excruciating ways to murder you.

Accidently fall off a platform while fishing in the ocean? No problem, a shark will spawn directly under your feet before you even touch the water, just so you don't have any delusions that you can actually escape.

Were you on a minecart while getting attacked? Don't worry, you can warp away using a magic mirror or a recall potion, then subsequently fall through a plank and become nothing but a fine red paste at the bottom of a tunnel.

Did you use a heart container thinking 20 extra health would at least give you a chance? That's ok too because now that you have, there's a chance for slime rain and the Slime King himself to spawn, so don't roll a one on your first night.

Now, being an open world sandbox with very few limits or inherent objectives, it's up to the player to set their own goals. The masochist in me decided to go with a large world, along with the expert difficulty setting and a hardcore character to top it all off. The restrictions I set on myself, were that I would absolutely not consider the game "finished" until I had defeated all 14 bosses and managed to survive. 

A few hundred hours of play time and 32 different maps later and guess what I have yet to accomplish? That's right! Terraria is still beating me senseless and the farthest I've yet to sneak by with is killing the Wall of Flesh. If anyone out there has done this with even a hint of ease, then I tip my hat to you.

Published Nov. 24th 2016

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