5 Games That Come With Bragging Rights

Street Fighter X Megaman

Originally a fan-made game, celebrating the 25th anniversaries of both Capcom's major franchises, Megaman and Street Fighter, Capcom later assisted in the games production. Unlike either franchise standing alone, however, Street Fighter X Megaman has a surprisingly well programmed AI that's better than both. So good in fact, I'm confused as to whether I should hate it or love it. I mean, it took me an hour just to get a leg up on Dhalsim down there.

If you were thinking this little gem was going to take it easy on you, expecting the usual difficulty curve associated with either franchise individually, then you would be sadly mistaken. You take a beating right from go, as Street Fighter X Megaman pummels you into submission and steals your lunch money, shoes, all your MTG cards and then rubs dirt in your eyes before sauntering off to revel in the spoils.

The lack of a save option - except an old-school password feature - makes this all the more apparent. Now, because there's no getting off light with this one, what makes things even worse (that's right, worse), is the fact that after you beat the usual 8 levels, there are two more optional bosses that stand in your way, if you've cleared the conditions necessary to face them. 

Those conditions involve completing and getting a "perfect" on a total of 7 (3 before the teleporter gauntlet to unlock Akuma and 4 after to unlock Sagat) boss fights. If the game wasn't infuriating enough without inflicting this strange combination of ecstasy and rage upon yourself, then by all means, have at it. Just be prepared to lose at least one perfectly good controller to this maddening beast because I sure did and it wasn't even mine...

Published Nov. 24th 2016

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