5 Games That Come With Bragging Rights

Super Hexagon

RIP my beloved spacebar. You will be missed.

Simple and minimalistic but it will surely have you on your knees in a tearful fit of frustration. Yup, it's Terry Cavanagh whom you have to thank (or blame) for Super Hexagon, the game that broke your spirit. Shhh, it's ok; I won't tell anyone.

Fast-paced and designed to test not only your patience but your resolve as well, trial and error will quickly become your new best friend. All you have to do is not get hit and squeeze through the openings. It sounds easy enough, right?

Making your way to the Hyper Hexagonest stage and coming out the other side to witness the end will require quick reflexes and a keen eye. It is a feat truly worthy of song and endless barrels of ale.

Rest well, noble warrior, for there is a well-deserved place for you among the pantheon of gods for an achievement such as this.

Published Nov. 24th 2016

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