New Hero Announced for Paragon

Riktor, a cyborg with a ton of heavy hitting potential, joins Paragon next week.

A brand new hero, Riktor, joins the fight as part of next Tuesday's update in Epic Game's Early Access MOBA, Paragon.  This hero, a cyborg with a ton of range and an emphasis on stunning and crowd control, is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers melee or tank builds.

Riktor is primarily a melee focused tank character, but that doesn't mean it's safe to attack him from a distance.  The main attack showcased in Riktor's announcement trailer is Riplash, an electrified chain that pulls enemies into close range while dealing damage, a perfect way to disrupt an enemy's carefully planned attack and take out ranged foes.  Ricktor can also use Shock Therapy to disrupt enemies by silencing them, making it easy to move in for the kill.

Riktor's Skewer Ultimate, however, is a great move for both defending leading the charge, letting loose a webs of intertwined chains that stun and damage enemies, easily turning the tide of battle.

Riktor, like all of Paragon's heroes, will be available for free to anyone in Paragon's Early Access.  To get in on that, pick up a Founders Pack to see why Paragon is one of the best new MOBAs around.


Games Paragon Genres ActionShooter Platforms PCPlaystation 4
Published May. 27th 2016

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