If You're an Elite Dangerous Fan, You Need to Try Conan Exiles

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They're Both Games of Building and Construction

In this case, Conan Exiles has more to offer than Elite: Dangerous. I know, just hear me out... The game has a very sophisticated building system, letting players build more than just simple things such as tools, weapons and armour.

But this is not everything. In Conan Exiles players can also build their own homes, turn it into a fortress, and then even build an entire town around this fortress. If this is not enough -- players can also craft their own furniture and decorations to customise their own home or settlement further.

This is much more that ED currently offering. Jumping into the world of Conan Exiles could give ED players a small taste of the potential additions, at least in the construction area, for Elite: Dangerous -- if Frontier would decide to implement them.

Right now in Elite, instead of building things, players can improve their ships by adding modernized modules, prepared by so-called 'Engineers'. It is sort of a game of construction, but certainly not on the same level as Conan Exiles.

Conan, in this case, can offer much more.

Published Feb. 25th 2017

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