Dishonored 2 is Coming!

In an accidental live stream, Dishonored 2 was mentioned!

During a rehearsal for this upcoming E3 conference, Bethesda accidentally streamed live the mentioning of a sequel to the stealth game Dishonored.  For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to play the game, it received numerous awards including ‘Game of the Year.’ It’s one of the stealth masterpieces, and you can even summon a swarm of rats to devour your enemies.

This isn’t the only excitement buzzing around Bethesda. Just recently, they posted an announcement trailer for Fallout 4, so we can expect more news about that as well. Now that Dishonored 2 is looking like a reality, the only question I have is what will the storyline be like? Will they continue with Corvo Attano’s story, or will the setting be a different place, different scenario?

What’s Next For Bethesda?

This year promises to be a big one for this studio company, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced more information on other games. I’m hoping for more from the Elder Scrolls and The Evil Within, and I’m also hoping for an entirely new game, as long as it doesn’t turn out to be another Brink. E3 is literally around the corner, so bust out the popcorn and get ready! Here's the information provided from the stream.

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Published Jun. 14th 2015
  • OrganisedDinosaur
    This is still a rumour at this point. Hopefully confirmed in a couple of hours...

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