Paper Trail: Not Even Worth The Virtual Paper Cut

Paper Trail left a horrible paper cut in my memory of this game.

"Paper Trail is among one of my favorite downloadable content stories I have ever played!" Is something I wish I could say, but I cannot. I was hoping this DLC would have only made the game better, only to discover it made me want to just put the game away forever. In fact, I plan on selling the game not because I am bitter towards one DLC, but because I have beaten the game four times and have literally nothing else to do.

Paper Trail is a six-week long DLC for PlayStation 4 exclusive InFAMOUS: Second Son which takes you behind the story of Celia, a.k.a "Hatori," or also known as "Seisai." She was the first prisoner put into Curden Cay by Brooke Augustine, leader of the D.U.P. The content takes you from the game to your computer for some C.S.I work, which was fun and cool for the first two weeks; but then it got annoying and old really quick. I went from excited to play it to, "Oh dear God, let this come to an end already..." in just two short weeks. 

I know what you are probably thinking, "Well, aren't you taking it a little too far?" The answer is no, because I had such high hopes for the DLC, but felt disappointed and let down. The rewards for completing the content were, to some, kinda dull and slapped on. Players had expected to get some awesome paper power or electric, mirror, shadow, magnet and more that were spoken of in the content. The other powers would have made no sense, as the content revolved around a paper conduit.

Paper Trail's website even suffered from Java errors early on, as it was reported that some of the team had accidentally deleted Java information and then later fixed it. That in itself was a huge irritation among players and fans as they did not like to wait longer just to complete one mission. Paper Trail, to me, should have just been done as one mission and not a week-by-week deal. With week-by-week content, you expect to feel anticipation and hype for the next week to come, but I felt bored with it as weeks went on. I had to convince myself to complete it, just so I could say I finished it.


The rewards for completing Paper Trail are vests and Celia's rabbit mask all pictured below:


Second Son is a wonderful game as I stated in my review of the base title weeks ago, but I felt let down with this add-on as it really did not spark any good in me. I really hope Sucker Punch does not continue with this style for future DLC packs as it may get them even more negative impacts with their fans. Although the rewards are understandable from a studio and time standpoint, this DLC pack just did not satisfy me as a gamer and InFAMOUS fan. With all of that said, Paper Trail receives a 5 out of 10 from me.

While I have your attention for a final minute, if you would like more on the game be sure to check out this review of Second Son from a fellow writer.


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Published Apr. 28th 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
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    ...note to self, don't even bother with Paper Trail when I get a PS4.

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