Dying Light Ultimate Survivor Bundle: Epic Ninja or Fail Money Grab?

Is the new Dying Light DLC truly "Ultimate" or just a money grab?

With the promise of the best weapons and gear in all of Harran, Techland released its Ultimate Survivor Bundle for Dying Light on March 16th, 2015. As if parkouring on the rooftops of buildings surrounded by hordes of undead wasn't enough Techland wanted its community to do so in style.

Techland's DLC adds four new craftable weapons as well as giving its community the chance to be a ninja star throwing, katana wielding, master of the shadows, a sharp dressed secret agent, or the highly experienced urban explorer. These weapons and costumes add a unique roleplay opportunity for the games community.  

However, unlike Dying Light itself the new content is the source of mixed review. The new costumes seem to be going over well with the community but as for the new weapons, they are not a hit. For those of you who do not already know , the weapons in Dying Light allow players to modify them to increase the strength, durability, and other stats making them more deadly. There are five different weapon ranks in the game dictated by the colors white, green, blue, purple, and orange. These ranks range from common to very rare. What Techland calls the best weapons in all of Harran the community calls misleading. According to the community the new weapons fall into the common rank for weapons and are no use to any player who has achieved a high character level and already completed the game. 

Is this content truly the Ultimate Survival Bundle Techland claims it is, or is it the money grab members of the community feel it is? You be the judge.


Published Mar. 17th 2015
  • Farrel Nobel
    This feels like a cash grab to me. It's like they knew the good weapons weren't in the game and they were going to release it as DLC anways. Shame that this practice is quite commonplace nowadays

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