Pre-register for the new Marvel Avengers Academy app

Pre-register for Marvel Avengers Academy through Google Play.

I know, seeing the words "registration" and "Marvel" together bring up a lot of bad memories. This time, it's good.

Google offers pre-registration for the upcoming Marvel Avengers Academy game, to be available on iOS and Android.

The adventure/simulation game developed by TinyCo promises to be filled with school and world-saving drama. While all we have received are teaser trailers, I envision it to be a little High School Story meets Marvel Alliance

With Marvel Avengers Academy the player will create their own superhero school. They will have to navigate the normal social aspects of school: dates, popularity struggles, surviving battles against supervillains. There will be hundreds of characters from the Marvel universe. Marvel is good at including a large and diverse cast of heroes of villains in their games.

So, what does pre-registration mean for Marvel Avengers Academy?

All it means is that you are signing yourself up for a notification when the app releases. Not exciting, but also not as tumultuous as most registrations with Marvel heroes are. So we should count ourselves lucky.

The game does not have an official launch date yet, but promises to launch early 2016.


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Published Jun. 15th 2020
  • KrystaAnn
    I really hope that this is actually as good as I'm hoping because it looks really cool but it could go either way knowing Marvel

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