Eroica Guide: Best Characters Tier List

Build the finest team chemistry using our tier list guide of the best characters in Eroica.

Eroica, the brand-new Japanese mobile RPG, introduces an exciting and innovative team-building mechanic called the Team Chemistry. It allows players to build their teams in better ways using the basic types and elements of the vast number of heroes available in the game.

This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Eroica, and explain which of their skills are most effective in battles against powerful bosses and their mobs. If you can't open the given heroes right away, then consider re-rolling until you get what you're looking for.

SS-Tier Characters


  • Type: Shadow
  • Element: Fire

This is the best physical and burn DPS character in the game with all her attacks being incredibly well balanced.

Her Dragon Breath ability is an AoE that deals double the damage to an enemy with the highest HP, then burns everybody with 75% accuracy.

She also has the Dragon Ascension skill, which is excellent against bosses, as it deals 160% damage to a boss and hits his mobs for another 80% of base damage. That is a lot of damage!


  • Type: Shadow
  • Element: Dark

The main selling point of Wraith is that all of her abilities focus on making your enemies unable to recover from damage with the help of healing effects or even use any kinds of buffs.

The best strategy here would be to use two combos with her Ferocious Scythe attack and Transcendence ability, or Ferocious Scythe and Sentence of Reaper.

The first one makes all debuffs last for three turns longer, and the second one deals 180% damage to a single target and applies the unrecoverable status effect for two turns.

S-Tier Characters


  • Type: Shadow
  • Element: Light

Shock damage is most unforgiving in Eroica, and Orslaha is the ultimate shock dealer.

This character can use a very powerful combo that consists of her Thrust attack and Rolling Thunder ability that allow her to stack up a lot of shock damage.

Then, you can use her ultimate Robust Lightning skill that multiplies AoE damage depending on the amount of stacked shock states, thus potentially dealing excruciating amounts of damage to all enemies.


  • Type: Mage
  • Element: Dark

Kipkirui likes to steal buffs from her enemies, which she can use to increase her own damage.

Her Kip Skill 3 ability deals AoE damage to all enemies and steals two buffs at random. Then, you can use her Key Ring Strike attack, which boosts her damage depending on the number of buffs she has.

This simple combo can quickly help you stack up a lot of damage and remove buffs from the foes, which just kills them a lot quicker.

A-Tier Characters


  • Type: Mage
  • Element: Light

Airi is an excellent supporter that carries a lantern with two kinds of lights. The red one influences her allies by increasing their attack power, and the blue light increases debuff hit rate of her enemies.

Her best ability is Rain Siren that utilizes both red and blue lights simultaneously, which is great in case you face multiple strong enemies.

Airi also has an ability to reduce enemy damage output, her Train Call active skill. This can be useful against a single strong enemy, such as a boss.


  • Type: Slasher
  • Element: Water

This slasher is a real force of nature when it comes to offense. She not only strikes with increased power, but also reduces all the enemy's defenses while attacking.

Her two best skills are Signet of Emperor and Merciless Bombardment that focus on both damage dealing and defense reduction. The difference is that Signet of Emperor hits a single target, while Merciless Bombardment strikes all enemies at once.

Keep in mind that all of Saore's damage will be doubled with a shield equipped as well.


  • Type: Slasher
  • Element: Fire

Here is a pure DPS character that has a number of powerful physical attacks. However, his most precious gift is the Black Myth state, which boosts his attacks and reduces the defenses of his enemies.

Black Myth state can be activated by using his Red Sand's Wolf active skill, which grants you a 30% chance of obtaining the Black Myth state. It's not much, but once you get it, there is no way that you lose your battle.

Those are the best characters in Eroica. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then consider giving it a share.


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Published Mar. 8th 2021

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