Visit GameSkinny and GuildLaunch at Pax East 2014!

Want to find out what's happening in the future of MMOs? Think you've got what it takes to get in the game industry? Find out by visiting the Guild Launch and Game Skinny panels at Pax East 2014!

Pax East 2014 is just around the corner! If you're attending (like I wish I could) you've probably already started making plans for the panels, events, signings, and parties you want to go to while attending. Let me help you add to that list!

Your friendly neighborhood gaming website, GameSkinny, will be hosting a panel of industry experts called “Land My Job! Inside Advice on Getting into the Game Industry.”  

Here at GameSkinny, we know that obscurity sucks, so we're bringing together experts to let you know how to get a break in the games industry. 

Join us, and our panelists below, for an informative and fun panel that can help propel you to find a coveted positions in the games industry. 

  • Robot Entertainment - Justin Korthof, Community Manager
  • FrogDice Studio – Pang, VP/Creative Director and Michael Hartman, CEO
  • The Drunken Moogle - Mitch Hutts, Creator and Manager
  • Indie Game Stand - Mike Gnade, Owner/Business Dev and Matt "Canj" Cangialosi, Marketing/Community Manager
  • Andy Lunique, Former Ubisoft Brand Ambassador
  • Lunchtime Studios - Dan Higgins, Owner / Lead Programmer
  • Robot Loves Kitty - Alix Stolzer, PR & Dev
  • Super Soul - Richie Hoagland, Creative Director

The panel will be at 2pm ET in the Condor Theater on Friday, April 11th, 2014 at PAX East in Boston MA.

While you're at Pax East 2014, you should also visit the Guild Launch panel.

Guild Launch is our sister site, which offers a hosting platform for gamers, guilds, clans and teams. They will be hosting a panel entitled ”Next Generation Massive Online Games: What's Next for Multiplayer Trends?"

For any MMO players out there, this panel is a must-see. Stephen Johnston, the president of Guild Launch along with other big names in the industry will be there to discuss new trends in the industry, and what changes you can expect moving forward.

For those of you not already swayed, amaze your eyes with the rest of our panelist list. 

  • Dave Georgeson, Executive Producer & Director of Development - Entire EQ Franchise/SOE
  • Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, Principal Game Designer - EVE/CCP
  • Ian Fischer, Director of Design - Robot Entertainment
  • Stephan Frost, Game Design Producer - WildStar/Carbine

This panel will be at 2pm in the Condor Theater on Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at PAX East in Boston MA.

As user-driven websites, we think it's so exciting to be able to give back to our thriving communities with these panels at Pax East 2014.

More importantly we're excited to meet our users and fans face to face. So make a spot for us in your busy schedules and we promise you won't be disappointed!

Published Mar. 19th 2014

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