These 6 Games on Steam Have Nudity in Them (For Real)

Written in the Sky

Price: Free

This short visual novel, made by small development team Unwonted Studios, debuted at the 2015 Yuri Game Jam. In it, you play as Azure -- a bored 18-year-old girl who sneakily leaves the house at night and discovers a strange ring with alien writing on it known as “the ring of binding”.

As she puts it on, she hears a mysterious figure behind her...

The story is relatively short, clocking in at only 30 minutes to an hour. And when you start the game, you have the option of toggling the nude love scene on or off.

The developers have stated to the Steam community that Episode 2 is planned and this visual novel has a neat sci-fi twist which will appeal to JRPG fans.

Get Written in the Sky on Steam.

Published Jul. 19th 2017

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