NetherRealm to Host a LiveStream for Injustice Patch

The creators of Injustice invite players to a live question and answer regarding the coming patch.

Last week, the makers of the DC Comics fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us announced the next big update to the game. The changes are primarily for handling character balance issues, as well as few minor frustrating issues with some arenas.

The 1.06 Patch goes live on October 1st. The list of changes was made public earlier this week and judging by the sheer number of tweaks and improvements, this will be a massive upgrade. But, surely there are a lot of questions about what's being done and how it will affect gameplay.

So, the folks at NetherRealm are inviting players of Injustice to join in a LiveStream event, Monday September 30th at 8:00pm CST.

You can find it at

If you have specific questions regarding the new patch, pop over to Facebook and post your concerns in the comments section of the Thread posted by Injustice.

Maybe, they will answer your question LIVE!

Published Sep. 27th 2013

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