External Storage Support Coming to Xbox One

Xbox One finally gets external storage.

Been waiting to use external storage with Xbox One? That wait is coming to an end with the One's June update. Microsoft's Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, tweeted about the external storage.

Users will be able to use two external devices with their One. The devices can also be given names so that players can differentiate between the two. Hard drive space is not limited. Users are able to use 256 gigabytes or more hard drives. The system also can use USB 3.0 which provides faster transfer speeds.

The extra hard drives make it easier for users to take their gaming on the go. By simply loading a disc or logging into Live for a digital game, gamers can play on any other Xbox One they hook up their external drive to.

The June update is free of charge to all Xbox One owners. Other features of the new update include:

  • Real names to identify friend's gamer tags.
  • New additions to the SmartGlass app including OneGuide and Universal Remote Control
  • Expanded TV and OneGuide spreading to new international markets
  • Updates to Xbox Live for access to all for some apps.

To see the new update in full detail, visit the Xbox One blog. Microsoft has not announced a release date.

Published May. 23rd 2014

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