Top 11 Yo App Clones That We Seriously Don't F@*king Need

Yo, this app is whack.

If you didn't realize that Yo is the newest trending app in the app store... good for you. If you DID realize, then you know that the app literally just sends the word "Yo" because sending an actual one word text is so hard that we need an app for that.

The app has apparently gained over $1 million from investors and the tutorial literally says: "Wanna say 'Good morning' to friends? JUST YO THEM. Wanna say 'Thinking 'bout you' to your love? JUST YO. Wanna say 'Are you up?' YO."

Here is our list of the Top 10 Yo App Clones That We Seriously Don't F@*king Need.

May god have mercy on our souls.

1. Eyyyo Gurrrl

2. Eyyyo Boiiii

3. I Don't Even

4. Please Stop


6. I'm telling you, Godzilla simply could not exist because of the Square-Cube Law. It's science.

7. The Matrix has you

8. This is your mother, you haven't called me in weeks! Where are you? Are you ok? Your Aunt Suzy got into a car accident the other day - she's fine, but you should really give her a call. We're worried.

9. Dude, you've been sending nothing but "Yo" texts for weeks. This doesn't tell us anything. Learn how to hold a goddamn conversation, you ass.

10. Delete the "Yo" app. Please.

11. Beer?


Published Jun. 19th 2014

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