Epic Games Snags Another Exclusive in Retro City Rampage Sequel, Shakedown Hawaii

Epic Games snagged yet another limited exclusive launch for its store, Vblank Entertainment's Shakedown Hawaii.

Vblank Entertainment has penned a deal with Epic Games to bring Retro City Rampage's sequel, Shakedown Hawaii, to the company's store. In fact, the game will be debuting on the store as a limited time exclusive, adding to the list of exclusives Epic has managed to snag since launching its storefront, including Metro Exodus and The Division 2.

Neither Epic nor Vblank have provided an exact date for the game's release on the store, and there's likely good reason: the game just entered its final beta stage. During this stage, the company wants to collect feedback from players in order to figure out which missions players like most and which they feel need more work.

Vblank has already been hard at work polishing the game, making little tweaks to not just missions but also the game's visuals. In fact, the game's cutscenes have been repainted to give them a better 16-bit look, and character animations have more detail.

The team has also spent some time adding secrets to the game think hidden entrances — and they've added a destructable environments.

Shakedown Hawaii is a combination open-world/empire building game that tasks players with creating a "legitimate" corporation. To do this, players will complete open world missions, buy businesses, sabotage competitors, and more, all GTA-style.

Retro City Rampage fans have been waiting a while for this sequel to release, even suffering delays. When it finally does arrive, though, players can expect some of the same humor they came to love in Retro, complete with all kinds of ridiculous 80s references.

Players who want to get early access to the game need to purchase it on the Epic Game Store. That said,  it will eventually make its way to other platforms, including PlayStation 4, Switch, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS.

You can learn more about the Epic Games Store here

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Published Mar. 5th 2019

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