5 Gaming Consoles That Took a Hard Fall

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Finally a handheld for the list. The Gizmondo was probably among the most nightmarish (and dramatic) of the mentioned console failures. 

In 2005, Tiger Telematics released the monochromatic handheld, meant to run hit games, send messages, use GPS services, and even play digital videos. Investors and developers were excited to get on board. Originally, the company had wanted to focus on GPS devices and safety pagers for children. This inspired a mixture of the gaming device and the GPS system, otherwise known as the infamous Gizmondo.

Unfortunately, however, the Swedish company went bankrupt at 189 million British pounds due to ridiculously high debts and even some shady criminal involvement. An illegal Ferrari carrying a convict crashed, the driver disappearing promptly thereafter. Suffice to say that people were arrested, lawsuits went down, and the console flopped big time.

The Gizmondo was ahead of its time with era-appropriate graphics, and it was considered a valuable purchase for most. It was also multi-functional. That said, it also had terrible gaming options and was cosmetically unappealing for the ridiculous price that it was sold for. In spite of its originality, the console moved sluggishly along the market, selling poorly enough without the criminal backdrop.


While there have been many more console fails throughout history, these were some of the biggest splashes made by companies that left a genuine lesson to be learned by future developers. Some companies flourished despite their failures, and others slipped into the dark, never to be heard from again.

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Published Jan. 31st 2018

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