Upcoming Titles: The Road to Expectations

My thoughts on the upcoming Plethora of Games

It's easy to get lost along the Road to Expectations. We travel this path often, yet each time it holds the excitement of a new adventure. That is until we run into road construction, get lost in the Doldrums, eat subtraction stew, and get stuck moving water from a well with an eye dropper...

Maybe the Phantom Tollbooth simile doesn't work as well as I'd hoped, but that doesn't mean we don't have high hopes for the MMO's that are set to release within the coming year(s). The problem that arises was clearly stated in the last sentence. Simply put: THEY'RE NOT HERE YET!

A look towards the horizon shows the outline of several juggernaut games; ESO, WIldstar, Star Citizen, FFXIV, Everquest Next... Cubeworld... I'm sure there are more, but those are all I'm concerned with, and I'm the one writing here, so back off.

My problem is not with any of these games. In fact I'm extremely excited for all of them, and that's my issue, my concern. I'm the type that, once I get into a game, I give it an immense amount of time -- far more than any of the other games I may have lying around. This brings up my first point...


How am I supposed to have the time to level my Wood Elf Templar up to level 50 while my Scientist builds a new plug for my home in Wildstar, during which I'm expected to make 3 cargo runs in Star Citizen and dig a hole in Everquest? I may sound like I'm complaining, which I am, but I'm still looking forward to doing all these things, just not at the same time. I'm not the only one with a full time job am I? Maybe that's what should change. Maybe if I quit my job I can get all that's expected of me finished. Maybe one of you can explain to my girlfriend why I don't have any...


Let's assume for a second that all these games will have the same payment method. I know they won't, But for the sake of Pete, just go with it. Here's our Model; $15/month with an in-game store. Five of the previously mentioned titles will likely have this setup, though some may offer a f2p method as well. That's $75 a month in subscriptions alone, add in any initial game purchase costs (Figure $60 per) your looking at $375 for your first month of play! For any of us willing to dish out an extra car payment, they better live up to our...


We give game studios a hard time if they don't meet our expectations. Rightfully so at times, if we're giving them money we'd expect a fair amount of customer service. But what we don't do as often is put pressure on the consumers. With all these heavyweights hitting the shelves, we as consumers need to make our voice heard. When we get games that meet our expectations, the producing company expects US to get the word out. Point being that if you find a game you truly enjoy, let them know. Future game developers will note the successes of their predecessors, and use these ideas to create bigger and better games than we have today.

The Road to Expectations may never seem to end, "But just because you can never reach it, doesn't mean that it's not worth looking for."

Trey Stevens is a Writer, Musician, and (of course) gamer. He hosts a Radio Broadcast on Nordrassil Radio, and is a proud member of Guild Umbra

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Published Aug. 9th 2013

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