Save The World Through Dance With Bound

Bound offers players an opportunity to craft their own experience with over 100 unique paths they can take.

On August 16th, development studio Plastic released Bound for the PlayStation 4. Bound is a platformer that comes to life through the avatar of a contemporary dancer. But, players should be aware that -- the dancing is not a gimmick.

The mechanic is meant to deliver a story in a majorly unique way. that is to say Bound's narrative can only be expressed through the interactive experience only video games can offer.

Due to the nature of story, players are invited to explore and discover the aspects of the game at their own stride. To do so, players will interact with the environment in such a way that each play-through is wholly unique to itself.

As such, the developer has asked people not to spoil this game to anyone. After making the game's elements as distinct possible -- Plastic has opted for a modern art aesthetic paired with a classical ballet piano and "electroacoustic" fusion.

Creative Director Michael Staniszewski stated that:

"We have also thought about the hardcore gamers . . . the order that you play affects how the game looks, sounds and behaves."

Bound offers players over 100 different ways to complete the game in addition to the level order contributing to the difficulty as well. For example, taking the shortest route will make the game extremely arduous. Plastic is also going to support VR with a free update for the PS VR when it releases.

Fans of adventure games and art can purchase Bound via the PlayStation Network.

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Published Aug. 29th 2016

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