FIFA 14: Get A Look In At A GAME Lock-In!

Get an exclusive pre-release play of FIFA 14, whilst locked-in your local branch of GAME!

Video game retailer GAME has announced a series of 50 "lock-ins" where players can experience FIFA 14 first hand before release.

In conjunction with EA Sports, between September 7th - 22nd, stores across the UK will allow players to score goals and experience the game after trading hours. The upcoming installment of the franchise includes a new "pure shot" feature and enhanced ball physics. All this promises to make this incredibly popular soccer series the most exhilarating and authentic footy experience to date.

GAME are also offering three exclusive pre-order bonuses which include balls, boots, boosts, and a chance to play in historic kits.

If you can't make the lock-ins, 300 stores are also planned to open at midnight on UK release date, September 27th 2013, for players to get their tackle in and take home the game as soon as possible.

For more information about the lock-ins and to pre-order FIFA 14, visit For more information about the game, visit

Published Sep. 8th 2013

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