7 Worst RTS Games Available on Steam

A Game of Thrones: Genesis

Slap "Game of Thrones" on any product, and it's guaranteed to get some attention no matter what it is. You might think this RTS was another crappy and rushed game hoping to jump in on the bandwagon of hype for that easy money-making. The truth, though, is that A Game of Thrones: Genesis was released nearly simultaneously with the first season's broadcast on HBO.

The developers might not have thought of that easy cash-grab stance, but they might as well have given the game's final status. The game features half-baked gameplay mechanics, balancing issues, and piss-poor combat animations. A frequent occurrence is even that defeated or killed units remain standing on the battlefield.

Perhaps the game's biggest offense, however, is the overlapping gameplay design that expects you to play it like a traditional RTS with base building, unit creation, and resource gathering while managing features traditionally more common in 4X strategy games. The result is that you end up having to manage the aspects of both a traditional RTS and a 4x, and you end up in a micromanagement nightmare.

Published Feb. 14th 2018

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