7 Games That Need to Make the Jump to VR

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Platform: Nintendo Switch VR

Nintendo Switch VR is totally going to be a thing; it’s just a matter of when it happens. All the tools are there -- a Joycon for each hand and a display just waiting for a headset to slot into.

Now that you’ve definitely accepted that 100% accurate statement, I’ll make my case for Nintendogs coming to the platform.

Ever since the Tamagochi craze, human beings have had a fascination with caring for digital pets. Now I’ll admit, I probably played Nintendogs on a friend’s DS for all of five minutes before I knew I didn’t need it in my life. That being said, caring for a pet in virtual reality is another kettle of fish.

You’d want to be able to move around and interact with your favorite pet, so hopefully, Nintendo will release HTC Vive-like sensors to allow this. You could use the Joycon to pet and groom your dogs with brushes and other accessories. You could prepare food, teach them tricks and give toys to them to play with; get a ball or a stick and use the motion controls to play fetch.

Why stop there? It’s a video game; you could surround yourself with puppies and kittens. And never, ever leave. Ever.

Published Aug. 21st 2017

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