Flash Review: cp6

Oh cool! Another Flash Review: the strange wonder that is cp6. An 80's-esque retro puzzle plat-former (say that 9 times fast). Pretty good, find it at militantplatypus.com.

This is a strange one, but in a good way.

Hypnotic Puzzle Platformer

It's simple: you're this cool little block dude who has to reach the end of the level. It doesn't really get more complex than that. There are some squares to collect for bonus points, but you win if you reach the end.

Except there are the colors that make things a little... difficult.

Blue is safe to stand on.

Red can shrink you into oblivion if you stand on it long enough. It might seem like something to avoid, but for most of the levels I've played you need to shrink some what if you want to collect all three squares.

Orange makes you bounce... I'm stuck on the first orange level at the time of writing this review. I may or may not be attempting to beat it in between writing each word my thoughts.

Sights and Sounds

The music is a little retro, and all the sound effects remind me of the arcade from when I was 10. Aside from making me a little nostalgic, the sounds/music in this game is kind of hypnotizing.

Everything is obscenely blocky. I mean there isn't a single non straight line in this game. I mean it works, it's just a little weird to see a game that looks like it was made in MS paint. Still, looks good.


I like this game. Sure I'm still stuck, but I really want to see the rest of this game. I know it's slightly out of form to write a review about some of a game instead of most, but think of this as a demo review... or a chance to show me up.

I definitely feel like something is up with this game, I mean it's music is too catchy and it's gameplay is too smooth for a flash game.

You can see for yourself at: militantplatypus.com

...there are walk-throughs?!!


I was born, stuff happened, then I got a bachelors and am writing for GameSkinny at the moment. All I really have time to play right now are flash games and League of Legends. Basically if it's a game odds are I'm going to like it, and if not I'll play for a while. Any game can be good or bad, it just depends on how you view the story, even if it isn't written. Sorry if you were expecting personal info, I don't really like giving that many details online unless I know you...

Published Jan. 15th 2013

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