Color Coded Xbox One Achievements

Now you too can color your achievements red like the blood of your fallen enemies. (You're trying Sony. They can't say you're not trying.)

A new social feature of Xbox One’s Achievements system has been revealed! When playing local multiplayer, it’ll be possible for you to color code the achievement pop-ups, which will help clarify which user received which achievements. Aside from identifying you, your specific color will also represent your mad skills and prowess. Once chosen, it will fill the Achievement pop-ups.

Xbox Corporate VP Marc Whitten stated via Twitter, that the system's achievements will be in a player's "chosen color." You can also see the proof for yourself in a recent Microsoft Studios live stream on Twitch of a round of Powerstar Golf. You can see the new achievement show up at the 11:15 mark of the video.

The current achievement system on Xbox 360 identifies the Achievement-winning player by a flashing light that corresponds to the their pad. True to form, and if you didn't edit your achievement notifications, it usually took you off the game after a hard earned victory just long enough to remind you that you were victorious. Of course victory was usually snatched from my hands right about the time I squinted my eyes and said 'Oh cool I got a achievement I wonder what it- NO!'

In the video, a blue achievement pops up indicating which of the two players earned the "Valuable Commodity" award. Obviously it's the cooler one, didn't you peep his awesome achievement color? This is the next gen guys, you hear me? All bow before the mighty Xbox One and its color coded achievements!

In the meantime I'm just going to wonder how fancy our achievements will get on Xbox One--will they also come with explosions and rainbows? Can I replace the achievement sound with a electric guitar rift? Of course, I am eternally grateful that I will now be able to color code my achievements deep crimson to signify the blood of my fallen enemies, but you know a accompanying guitar rift would always help.

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Published Oct. 23rd 2013

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