Will XBox One Data Be Available to the Advertising Market?

Usage of personal data is fully in users' controls according to Microsoft's Major Nelson.

Privacy, especially when it pertains to our identities and being online, is a huge topic these days. With so much of our lives online, it is a huge question on everyone's mind. With all the missteps Microsoft has had with the launching of their XBox One console, privacy again is at the forefront. This time, the issue is regarding advertising and third-party usage.

According to a story on AdAge, one of the Microsoft marketing heads for the XBox One has laid out clues that XBox data may be available to advertisers.

According to Yusuf Mehdi, "We have a pretty unique position at Microsoft because of what we do with digital, as well as more and more with television because of XBox." He went on to add, "It's early days, but we're starting to put that together in more of a unifying way, and hopefully at some point we can start to offer that to advertisers broadly."

With XBox being lauded as a complete entertainment center that integrates with existing television services, one has to wonder how such data would and could be used by advertisers as Microsoft releases such information. Apparently, however, this information is available only if a user opts in to share the data of its console with Microsoft.

After initial publication of this story on AdAge, Larry Hryb, known as Major Nelson, tweeted a clarification on Microsoft's and the Xbox utilization of data.

The XBox One is still slated to be released November 22, 2013, for $499, just in time for the holiday season.

Published Oct. 7th 2013
  • Alskari
    Considering that Microsoft filed patents years ago covering the concept of 'product identification' using something like the Kinect I would be less inclined to trust Microsoft's management of my private data. Expect them to change the policy some time after release, and to bury it in an agreement most people just click through.

    To expand on these patents, they were discussing the plan of using the Kinect to identify products (Pepsi vs Coke, types of food, recliners, clothing) and then utilize that data to better target consumers with advertisements. For example: if you leave a can of Pringle's out, expect to get more junk food ads. If you are a dude and your wife or gf sits with you on the couch, expect seasonal women's clothing ads. The end goal is an active system, so if you sit down without a drink, it would then advertise a brand of soda they've seen you with before. I'm personally astonished more people aren't talking about this and it's the single biggest reason I won't be buying an XBOX One.

    Lastly, to nitpick, you started two consecutive paragraphs with 'According to' and don't seem to have a conclusion or end summary. Not trying to troll, just like the web site and thought I'd test the waters of constructive criticism.
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    All good points. In today's age, its growing even harder to trust any company. And on the last point, well, writing near midnight does have its disadvantages. :) I totally missed that I had used it twice.And the tweet was the end point. Not much else to say while I am waiting on what I'm sure will be a huge Microsoft explanation over the whole debacle.

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