Finding All Ten Of RE7: Not A Hero's Antique Coins

Are you looking for the Antique Coins in Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero? So were we! And here's how you can find them all, too!

Just like the original Resident Evil 7, its free DLC Not A Hero has a handful of Antique Coins hidden throughout the game. Ten of them, in fact. And these Coins can be used to purchase some permanent upgrades to Chris Redfield that you'll probably find very handy, especially if you're trying this DLC out at the higher difficulties.

You don't need all ten to afford the stabilizer and steroids that are locked up in the Central room, but if you're like us, you want to get every little item in this game.

These Coins are tiny and secreted away, but we found all ten, and we're just the sort of people to share that sort of information with our readers! We're generous that way. 

So let's get on with it!

Antique Coin #1

This is probably the first Coin you'll come across. It's located in the Central room that leads you to the red, blue, and green shutter doors. From its entrance, head right, and you'll find the coin on an oil drum next to a shipping container.

Antique Coin #2

You'll find this one in the room with the pulley system key puzzle (past the red shutter in the central room). From the entrance, hang right and you'll find it on top of a rucksack next to two oil drums.

Antique Coin #3

As you enter the blue shuttered hallway, there will be a room directly to your right. It's dark in these halls, and it helps to have your night vision upgrade, but even without it, you should be able to make out an Antique Coin in this room by a couple of destructible boxes and a paint can.

Antique Coin #4

You'll find this coin in the spore-filled hallways past the green shuttered door. Look for some items on a wooden desk, and then look left: the Coin should be on top of some plastic bags next to a bunch of paint cans.

Antique Coin #5

This coin is at the end of the hallway on top of an oil drum, just outside of the elevator you ride after the three power switches puzzle.

Antique Coin #6

You'll find the sixth Antique Coin at the dead end of a corridor on the left just before you make your way out of the final hallway area behind the green shuttered door. There will be a couple of breakable boxes, a bunch of different items inside, and a huge sack with the Coin on top.

Antique Coin #7

This coin is in the hallway just past the red shuttered door. Enter, and then keep an eye out for a barrel on the right. It shouldn't be far from the cell with the soldier who "gave" you the high-powered filter for your mask. Behind the barrel is the Coin.

Antique Coin #8

Just past the rail cart puzzle, you'll find yourself in a room with Lucas and his favorite clown. Do your best to turn away from its haunting, horrible eyes. Look left, and you should see a stack of crates, with the eighth Antique Coin stuck between them.

Antique Coin #9

You'll find the ninth coin past the ventilation room, in a small area with a ladder. Next to the ladder is an empty box, and inside of that box is ... you guessed it: an Antique Coin!

Antique Coin #10

The 10th and final Antique Coin can be found past the clown door in the room with the pulley puzzle from before. Get through the hallway, and turn right as soon as you enter the next room, and you should see a shutter door held halfway open. Crawl under the door, make your way to end of the tracks, and you'll find some items and an Antique Coin.


And that's how you find all 10 Antique Coins for Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero! Need any other points on how to get Chris Redfield through the funhouse of Lucas Baker alive? Let us know in the comments!


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Published Dec. 15th 2017

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