Are Overwatch LEGO sets going to be a thing? Maybe...

These look magnificent.

The gaming world has a new, sorta new, obsession — Overwatch. If you played it, you understand. If you haven't played it, you probably still understand because your friends keep telling you over and over again.

The varied characters are one of the reasons, they each have their own unique identity while staying inside the rules they've set in regard to aesthetics. It also makes them perfect for something like LEGOs.

Okay. So, if you're on your LEGO game, you probably already know it's infinitely more likely for these to end up as Mega Bloks. Blizzard in particular has a history of teaming up with Mega Blocks for World of Warcraft and other properties.

That doesn't stop a dude from dreaming, though. A user on Reddit named St4r4ptor is even making his own. They're pretty cool.

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Published May. 31st 2016

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