MtG: 11 Most Expensive Streets of New Capenna Cards

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Bootleggers' Stash

  • Regular art price: $28.06
  • Borderless art price: $32.75

Commander players are more than happy to get a new toy that generates even more Treasure tokens off of their lands.

Bootleggers' Stash is getting a ridiculous amount of hype in EDH community, and it may probably be the safest bet of all the new cards in Streets of New Capenna.

Although the physical market hasn't seen much growth in price lately, the digital market has been literally exploding in the past few days. Right now Bootleggers' Stash price has grown by 1200% in the last few days on MTGO, from 2 tix to 25 tix.

Published Apr. 28th 2022

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