MtG: 11 Most Expensive Streets of New Capenna Cards

Vivien on the Hunt

  • Regular art price: $8.18
  • Borderless art price: $20.76

The first new planeswalker on our list is a divisive card.

It has a terrific first ability that allows players to enable their combos in many formats, but the high cost of 6 mana is keeping its price at bay.

The first reactions to Vivien on the Hunt were lukewarm, and the price went down from $25 to $8 in just a couple of weeks. This trend may continue but in a much slower pace.

Once again, it looks like Vivien on the Hunt is meant just for commander, as that's the only format where players can afford to churn out 6 mana for a combo ability.

Published Apr. 28th 2022

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