What's next for Batman in the world of gaming?

The Caped Crusader continues to be a culture icon. Now that Arkham Knight has concluded the Rocksteady series, what's next?

Oh beloved Batman, you and your mystique continue to win the world over. The Dark Knight has never been a bigger cultural icon. Everywhere you go, it seems as if there is a Batman reference. Clothing, games, movies, and all the merchandise in between has allowed Batman to build quite the legion of fans that always wants more of him.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Batman will be back on the big screen in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he'll have a small part in the super-villain film, Suicide Squad. Ben Affleck is slated to dawn the cape and cowl in the films, and will also be writing his own standalone Batman film. Hopefully us Batman fans can expect Gone Girl Ben Affleck and not Mall Rats Ben Affleck. Batman also has a show on the small screen in Gotham on Fox, but that is more of a Jim Gordon show. Still, the more Bat the better.

Batman Video Games

What about the state of Batman video games? After the completion of the Arkham series, Rocksteady has set the bar extremely high for anybody who chooses to tell the tale of Bruce Wayne. But that is just what Telltale games plan to do.

For those who are unfamiliar, Telltale develops games where you basically play as a single character and make choices. Those choices will affect the story of the game. I know what you may be thinking: "A Batman game with no action? Lame..." Quite the contrary, though --Telltale is able to create some pretty magnificent stories and, with Batman's long comic history, they have plenty of storylines to choose from. For a Batman fan who plays video games, this is going to be a must-have when it comes out later in 2016.

What's Next?

Besides the Telltale game, what is next for Gotham’s vigilante? Those holding out hope for another Arkham game shouldn’t hold their breath. Will there be an Injustice sequel? Will the Arkham games get a re-mastered edition a la the Master Chief Collection? We can only hope that Gotham’s greatest defender swoops into the gaming world as often as possible.

What do you think is next for Batman? Let me know down in the comments!

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Published Feb. 25th 2016

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