New Battlefield 1 Teaser, features anti-tank dynamite

New Battlefield 1 teaser introduces anti-tank dynamite, and players are excited about it!

Few days ago, new Battlefield 1 teaser was revealed. Today, another teaser was released, focusing on anti-tank dynamite used in game.

Although it is a brief video clip, it introduces new feature that players will be able to use in-game. As Battlefield 1 trailer is coming up tomorrow, June 12, this short clip serves its purpose as a teaser since many gamers are excited from this teaser and expecting a lot for the actual game. There's less than 24 hours are left for the real trailer, so there's not much time left to wait!

Battlefield is an FPS game series developed by EA DICE and Visceral Games. Over 50 million players have played Battlefield series, which mainly focuses on online multiplaying. Battlefield 1 is the coming-up title of Battlefield series, and many FPS gamers are looking forward to its release.


Published Jun. 12th 2016

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