Summer's coming, but these 8 games will give you plenty of reason to stay inside

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We're on the cusp of finally hitting summer, which is when the blockbuster movies drop but the gaming landscape is sadly a little more barren.

On top of a sparse release schedule, unfortunately previously planned release dates for several big names were pushed back. Persona 5 for instance is now heading to September, while Horizon: Zero Dawn is slated for some nebulous point in 2017. Torment: Tides Of Numenera's full release date meanwhile remains entirely shrouded in mystery, although early access is available through Stream.

Some really huge titles have either already launched or are about to drop by the end of the month before the official start of summer 2016 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Homefront: The Revolution, Doom, Overwatch, and the massive Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4. These should keep you busy, but for the true game fanatic, they won't last till September.

If you manage to work your way through all of those titles by summer's end (or just don't care for those respective genres), don't fret: there's still some gaming goodness coming that will keep you indoors and out of the heat. Here, we're rounding up eight of the most anticipated summer 2016 video games that will be well worth your time!

Published May. 9th 2016

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