A Living Tower of D.Va Puts On One Hell of a Lightshow

12 D.Vas stacked on top of each other makes for a very secure defensive matrix.

D.Va has quite the following among the many fans of Overwatch. Besides being a competent tank of a team player she's got one of the better maneuver abilities if you want to take to tower building. In fact, one group managed to stack her mechs on top of each other to the point where they found an invisible "ceiling" on many maps that measures somewhere around 10-11 D.Vas. Lijang Tower however can, for some reason, hold 12 of her in one column. 

Beyond simple tower building you can't hold back on the opportunity for a great light show. So why not light up her defensive matrix, guns and ultimates and go out with a bang?


Published May. 18th 2016

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