Charge Over to Kickstarter to Help Rescue Unicorns

A family friendly card game is looking for backers on Kickstarter.

Adam Gidwitz and Jesse Casey, the co-creators of the Unicorn Rescue Society comedy action-adventure books, currently have a Kickstarter project going for his upcoming game: Unicorn Rescue Society: The Card Game. As of this writing, over halfway to its $10,000-goal has been reached. The game is being developed by Gidwitz and his longtime friend Jesse Casey.

For ages 5+ and 2-8 players, the objective is to return as many mythical creatures back to their homes as players can. Players earn the most points for finding the rarest of creatures and bringing them back to their habitat.

Games typically run for about 10 minutes, making it perfect for family game night or a quick time killer.

There are three main card types used to play. Creature cards, Habitate cards, and Secret Mission cards. 

Creature cards depict where each creature comes from and some of their other characteristics. Habitat cards depict where the creatures live, including some special habitat's which are a combo of two types. Secret mission cards are accepted at the beginning of the game and help pinpoint which creatures are in need of aid.

If players complete a secret mission before the end of the game, they can earn bonus points. It's game over when a player runs out of cards. 

If that sounds interesting, head on over to the game's Kickstarter page to learn more. The Kickstarter is live until June 6; it is an all or nothing campaign. As a bonus, some tiers include the Unicorn Rescue Society books. According to the Kickstarter's current plan, pledge rewards would ship sometime this October. 

A Newbery Honoree, Gidwitz wanted to develop a game for kids to enjoy based on his experiences as a teacher in a 2nd-grade classroom. Children would gather around, excitement buzzing in the air as Uno cards were slapped on a table. Drawing from his books, Gidwitz and Casey created The Unicorn Rescue Society: The Card Game

Published May. 21st 2019

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