Dragon Slayer Awards - Best Gaming Innovation

The Nominees For The Best Gaming Innovation In The Dragon Slayer Awards

The Dragon Slayer Awards are coming up, and the award for Best Gaming Innovation is up for grabs. There are quite a few nominees in this category and they have all brought some interesting innovation to the gaming community.

 The Nominees


A headset that literally shocks you into being a better gamer.



A handheld controller attached to a touch screen with access to the entire Android marketplace of Apps and Games.


Oculus Rift

A virtual reality headset that tracks your eye movement and immerses you in the game.


Gunnar Optiks

Eyewear that filters light to reduce stress on your eyes and enhance your playing experience.


 A new kind of gaming console that lets you try games for free.


Logitech G500

A unique gaming mouse that uses variable weight to compensate for your movement.


SteelSeries Free

A multi-platform wireless bluetooth controller for mobile gaming.

All of these innovations definitely deserve to be in this category. Who do you think will win, let us know by casting your vote for this category and others on Guild Launch's Dragon Slayer Awards page. Voting deadline will end on September 2nd so hurry up and cast your vote.


Published Aug. 4th 2013

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