Minecraft: How to Get Swift Sneak

If you want to find a way to walk and move faster in Minecraft, then follow our quick guide on how to get Swift Sneak enchantment.

As of Minecraft 1.19 version, also known as The Wild Update, Mojang has introduced a new type of non-renewable enchantment Swift Sneak. It allows players to enchant their leg pieces, making them move faster while sneaking.

Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get Swift Sneak in Minecraft. You will learn that there is only one location where it can be found, and it is rather dangerous.

How to Get Swift Sneak in Minecraft

Swift Sneak enchantment has only one source in Minecraft, and that is loot chests inside the ancient cities.

You can learn everything about how to find and survive the ancient cities in our comprehensive guide by following the provided link.

Once you have obtained a Swift Sneak enchantment book, you can apply it to your leggings at the enchanting table, which can be crafted using the following recipe:

  • 4 Obsidian
  • 2 Diamond
  • 1 Book

There are five tiers of the Swift Sneak enchantment. Each tier provides a higher rate of speed increase:

  • Tier I: 45%
  • Tier II: 60%
  • Tier III: 75%
  • Tier IV: 90%
  • Tier V: 100%

It is also important to note that Swift Sneak enchantment not only increases the speed of walking, but also of crouching. However, the speed of crouching is increased only by 15% per tier.

Another interesting piece of trivia suggests that initially the Swift Sneak enchantment was supposed to be applied to your character's boots, but the final release demands that you enchant your leggings instead.

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Published Jun. 16th 2022

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