No WiFi? No Problem! 9 Best Mobile Games That Don't Require an Internet Connection

Hitman Go

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • Price: $4.99

While games like XCOM transfer the full console experience into mobile form, the Go series ditches all the complicated mechanics and distills major titles into more tactical, board-game style gameplay.

With Hitman Go you still need to figure out how to assassinate targets, its just done as a turn-based puzzle instead. That change is perfect for times when you don't have WiFi, and it allows for both quick matches and more challenging levels that will test your problem solving skills.

If you like the concept of taking a complex AAA game and simplifying it down into a puzzler, there's also Deus Ex Go that has a very similar execution but with a sci-fi theme. 

Published Dec. 16th 2019

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