Gift Guide: Most Adorable Gaming Plushies

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Legend of Zelda 8-inch Plush 

Price: Link: $11.19; Zelda: $14.39

Buy it on: ThinkGeek

We all love heroes, so why not have options? Cuddle with Link, the Hero of Time, and join him to save the princess. Or enjoy sweet princess Zelda and sail the seas. The choice is yours, but the best gifts always come better in twos. 


I hope this this guide has given you many ideas for the best gift for whomever enjoys good games, whether they're old classics or new and exciting adventure games. There’s always room for a cuddly plushy to make its way into the hearts of many gamers. Be sure to pick up an adorable plush today. It’s the best companion anyone could have.

Published Dec. 2nd 2017

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