Fortnite Guide: 6 More Landing Spots and Routes


This is a more obvious spot on the map, so you might encounter more players here, but you'll have a great opportunity for loot. The motel often has several chests (don't forget to check the rafters), and there is a truck in the parking lot that often spawns a chest as well. There is also a destroyed house right next to the motel if you see players headed in the same direction.

  • Very close to the motel to the southwest is a quarry. This quarry typically has two weapons outside to pick up, and if you descend to the mine area, there is sometimes a chest. There is also a secret room in the mine, so be sure to knock down the walls in the mine. Once you knock down the proper wall, there are two rocks that obscure another spawn point. Look for the bright light and sparkling sounds that the chests make to find them.
  • From there, your main progression will be towards Anarchy Acres, this time from the west. Remember the silos, and keep an eye out for the cave to the north of the farm.
    • If the circle is in the eastern hemisphere, you can proceed to the northeast river homes and follow the routes previously mentioned. You can also go towards Tomato Town and check the tunnel secret spot again.
  • If you're desperate after landing, you can head for the houses and the hill to the west, or you can even go to Loot Lake and try to scavenge for a chest someone may have missed. If you're really desperate, you can even make the run to Dusty Depot. People often don't bother trying to get the weapons between the buildings. 
Published Feb. 5th 2018

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