After 28 Years, Mario & Peach Finally Getting Engaged in Smash Bros?

A proposal could be in the works for Mario and Peach. It could also just be a ring for the sake of having a ring.

A new screenshot was put on the official Smash Bros website, and it shows Mario holding Peach's hand--and possibly placing a ring on it. It isn't exactly clear what is happening in the screen, but if it is a proposal, it would be about time.

Mario and Peach have been a couple since 1985; that's about 28 years. I'd say they are long overdue for a wedding, wouldn't you? The series director, Masahiro Sakurai, posted some news on Miiverse that could debunk these theories, however, asking,

"Who is the ring for?"

Based on the screenshot alone, you can't really tell what is happening, only speculate. It is very possible that she could be taking the ring off to give to Mario. If you look, it does show her adjusting the ring and Mario is not actually putting it on... just holding her hand. This is just a wild theory at this point and anything is possible.

What could this screenshot really mean? What do you think of the screenshot and news? Will Mario and Peach finally get married, or is this something else entirely? Discuss your thoughts in the comments.

Published Sep. 24th 2013

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