Xbox One Game Preview: The Solus Project

Interstellar meets The Martian as a video game? Yes please!

The game where you get to re-enact The Martian (sort of) is now available on Xbox One Game Preview. 

The Solus Project is a "narrative driven, sci-fi styled, survival-adventure game" as described by its developers, Teotl Studios and Grip Digital. 

You are humanity's last hope, tasked with finding a safe haven for a colony. But, due to an unfortunate turn of events, you are the sole survivor of your crew in an alien planet. You must survive the planet's harsh conditions while unlocking the secrets the planet holds that could allow you to save humanity from extinction.

The game in its current preview state will receive regular content updates while the final finished version of the game will be dropping sometime in Spring 2016 on the Xbox One and PC (Steam) for $13.50 and $15 respectively. 

Xbox One owners can get access to a free trial right here

If you are a fan of sci fi survival games, especially those set in space, this is definitely one that you should have on your radar. It doesn't hurt to note that this is the spiritual successor to The Ball, PC Gamer's Action/Adventure Game Of The Year. 


Probably one of the last remaining human beings on this planet playing Titanfall.

Published Feb. 27th 2016
    Absolutely Amazing! I bought the game on steam and it is one of the best survival games I have ever played, it's a mix between "The Forest" and "The Ball". Constant on edge action with amazing visuals. Sudden meteor strikes, storms and blizzards force you to take refuge in the deep and complex cave systems that take you underwater between various islands.This game once fully released will be absolutely superb and will be without a doubt one of the best games of the year.
  • shox_reboot
    Agreed! I haven't been able to play it yet but the game looks gorgeous. For an indie game they really seem to be pushing it.

    Just waiting till I'm not so broke :_:

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