Vortav Steelfur - The Charr Protector

The ultimate look for a Charr who wants to get right up in the enemy's face and intimidate his adversaries.

 Strike Fear in their Hearts

Vortav Steelfur

Charr Guardian


Have you always looked at your charr and wondered how you can make him look even scarier? That generic T3 cultural lacking a bit of spunk? Hate looking the same as all the others? Well look no further, this heavy armour set for charr-only will hopefully satisfy your needs and spawn more badass looking charr around Tyria!

I always wanted charr to look beefy and tanky and all the other adjectives you'd use to describe the Charr. I found that in Guild Wars 2 the charr became an organized military-esque race and their armour began to feel a lot more "lean" to me, so I took it upon myself to make my charr look like a giant colossal beast. I had a general idea near the beginning of Guild Wars 2's release of what I wanted to look like, as I pieced together armour from other users that I saw and slowly the idea came into fruition.


The Set:

Our checklist will be pretty basic but a tad bit expensive. You're going to need...

  • A dark grey/black dye
  • A gold/yellow dye for the accents
  • A white/cream dye for the head spikes
  • 500 gems (Primeval set but we'll only need the helmet!)
  • 26g, 20s (Cultural pieces take a bit of coin!)
  • 3000 achievement points (Hellfire Vambraces are the new coolest thing!)
  • 42,000 Karma (The only heavy boots that really covered up the knees)
  • Magmaton/The Collosus (The Magmaton is a 5g look-a-like, worth the buy!)

And for the full set list, names and all!

  • Primeval Helmet
  • Warband Spaulders (T1 cultural)
  • Warband Hauberk (T1 cultural)
  • Hellfire Vambraces
  • Dreadnaught Tassets (T3 cultural)
  • Heavy Whispering Boots (or any karma boots with the same look)

With the full set, we used the Abyss dye for the primary colour for a lot of them and Redemption for the secondary colour. A lot of the accenting was done with either Celestial dye or any shade of grey. Here's a link to the dye setup if you're unsure.


If you want any more pictures feel free to ask, I'd be more than glad to serve!


Published Aug. 13th 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Love it! That last screenshot is especially imposing.

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