An Introduction to The Eternal Crusade

Cosmic gives an introduction into what the upcoming game Warhammer 40,000 The Eternal Crusade is all about.

As the Eternal Crusade becomes more well-known, I wanted to make a this video and post for newcomers to the Eternal Crusade as an introduction to just what Eternal Crusade is all about.

What is the Eternal Crusade?

The Eternal Crusade is essentially a third person massively multiplayer online game with RPG elements. The game is set on the world of Arkhona and at launch there will be four factions vying for control. The game will be similar to EVE online as it will be on a single persistent server, meaning that everyone plays together. Eternal Crusade is set in the universally popular universe of games workshops Iconic franchise Warhammer 40k.

What is Warhammer 40k?

Warhammer 40k is a tabletop miniature wargame started in 1987 by Games Workshop. It is set in a dystopian future of the 41st millennium. Since the original founding Warhammer 40k has spawned into a huge IP consisting of video games, miniatures, books, novels, audiobooks and more. The IP is deep and rich and has a wonderful array of races, worlds and lore.

Who is making the game?

Eternal Crusade is being developed by Behaviour Interactive's new studio Behaviour online. Spearheaded by Studio head Miguel Caron and the games creative director David Ghozland. The Behaviour team is comprised of an array of experienced talent including developers that have worked on games like, Secret world, EVE, Age of conan and more.

Behaviour themselves are the largest independent Canadian video games developer and were originally founded in 1992. The developers have opted for a rare no firewall between themselves and the fans, meaning that they talk to the players directly instead via the wavelength of PR bull we as gamers are all used too.

How is the game envisioned to play?

The game is not dissimilar to THQ's Space marine title, sharing much of its combat mechanics and look. Of course this isn't just Space marine with a big multiplayer, this is an MMO. The world will be huge and there will be much to explore and uncover.

The game itself does not have traditional quests and instead opts for a campaign system. At the start of any given Campaign, the leaders of your faction, who will also be players, will set objectives to achieve both primary and secondary.

Once the campaign is over and you move to another continent on the planet, your success or failure on the previous campaign will affect your faction in some way, so for an example should you take a primary objective which happens to be a manufactorum that produces a certain type of vehicle, next campaign you will be able to requisition said vehicle.

So it's just a Shooter set in the 40k universe?

Well yes and no, while the combat itself is a shooter, Eternal Crusade also have heavy RPG elements. The game will have character progression, weapon customization and armour progression. In terms of character progression players will have progression trees that they progress in and on top of that there will be loot so you can change the equipment of your chosen character. Characters don't level in the traditional sense, as you go through your progression trees you'll gain access to a wider variety of skills and better specialization

RPG elements will also effect combat For example, you can aim in any direction and fire away, but the spread on your shots comes from a variety of factors, including what kind of gun you're using, its upgrades, and an accuracy stat from your character.

What races are in at launch?

The races that are set for launch are the Space Marines, Chaos, the vile green skin Orkz and the glorious Eldar. As you can tell, I love Eldar.

Is it just PVP?

No, although PVP is a major focus of the game, there is PVE in the form of instanced battles against the vile Tyranid hordes called underworlds. Doing PVE will benefit your factions war effort overall too, so its not a separate part of the game. The developers are designing the game in such a way that each component of the game not only complements the others, but so they almost work symbiotically.

What about Business model?

The game is set to be a premium game with a free to play option being the Ork boyz and yes, there will be an in-game store. The developers have assured the players that the game will not be pay to win and that the in-game store will instead be filled with cosmetic items and none essential consumables.

When is the game coming out?

The game is set currently for a 2015 release, prior to that there will be both open and closed beta phases. The game is primarily being developed for PC but the developers are building the game so the game will be easily ported to both Xbox one and Playstation 4. However whether the game will come to consoles depends on the kind of business deal is put forward to Behaviour.

And that about covers the basics of the Eternal crusade, I'll leave a links in the description below my video to both the Eternal crusade site and forums where you can get more information and of course you can watch my Astronomican show for all the latest information about the Eternal crusade. Thank you so much for watching and reading, I hope this has helped those of you who didn't know much about Eternal crusade.

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Published Feb. 10th 2014

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