[GW2 PvP Videos] Noglory

Few GW2 PvP Roaming Footage.

Hi all! I'm Noglory, and I want share with you my few PvP videos in World versus World Guild Wars 2.

Why Roaming instead of SPvP? Simply because it is what is closest to the wild PvP of WoW.


To fully enjoy my videos I suggest you to put them in 720p full screen! So grab your popcorn and lets start! 




  • Continue with my Thief :










  • My engineer :


Hi everyone ! I'm Noglory, a Guild Wars 2 player ! I like make skins for my characters and make PvP vidéos.

Published Aug. 25th 2013
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    New video, the Necromancer !

    Edit 1 : New video, the engineer !

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