Machinima And Square Enix Join The List Of Companies Hit By Layoffs

Machinima and Square Enix join other companies in laying off employees.

Last week, Trion Worlds ( makers of RIFT) announced layoffs. Only a few days later, Square Enix and YouTube staple Machinima are following suit.

Machinima's Editor-in-Chief Rob Smith, speaking wtih Joystiq, confirmed that 23 of the company's 200 employees were let go -- 10 percent of their force. The editorial group has been the hardest hit. Smith cites "growing pains."

This is growing pains. Machinima has grown a lot in a short amount of time. We had to look at the business, look at where we're focusing.

Machinima is still hiring, however. The company will replace 15 of the 23 vacant positions to better suit their vision for the future.

Square Enix's Los Angeles office is facing the same plight. 

Senior Director of Public Relations Riley Brennan attributes the layoffs to restructuring, as many companies are now. He adds that "the decision will not have any impact on the operations of MMO titles."

Again, our thoughts and well-wishes are with the folks impacted, especially during this holiday season.

Source: Joystiq

Source: Massively

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Published Dec. 18th 2012

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