5 Horror Games That Need Sequels Sooner Rather Than Later


Developer: Red Candle

Released on January 12, Detention is already making an impression. This point-and-click horror experience allows players to take control of a couple of Taiwanese students in 1960s Taiwan.

The player must find a way to lead the characters to safety as they need to escape from a school campus dominated by creatures from the underworld. Oh, and a typhoon is coming, too.

Detention stands out not only due to its bone-chilling ambiance but mostly due to the how it introduces players to a new culture. Through its many puzzles, its environment, and its story, Detention shows how the military once ruled the lives of Taiwanese citizens and how it forced its propaganda on millions of people, children included.

The game depicts the oppression of living in a dictatorship and does this without relying on cutscenes or extensive texts. The message is instead deftly conveyed through gameplay and environmental storytelling.

Published Jan. 27th 2017

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